Newark Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation in Newark, OH

We install and repair most commercial and residential garage door opener makes and models. In our warehouse we keep openers from Genie, LiftMaster, and Amarr in stock. We have a large selection of openers that can fit your needs and budgets. Contact us if you need a garage door opener installed or repaired in Newark, OH, Zanesville, OH or the surrounding areas. Our garage door specialists are trained to complete garage door opener work correctly the first time. We also keep a large inventory of garage door openers and parts to reduce lead times. If you need your door opener fixed by an affordable, locally owned repair company, contact us today.

Garage Door Opener in Newark, OH
Garage Door Opener in Newark, OH

What Type of Garage Door Opener Do You Need?

As one of the larger distributors of overhead door openers in Central Ohio we carry all of the four main types of openers. The section below gives you a high level overview of the pros and cons of each operator type.

Chain Driven Operators

Chain driven openers are the most common type of door operator. These openers are extremely reliable and offer an affordable option if you need a new opener. While these openers are more affordable than belt driven operators, they tend to make more noise during operation. If noise is a concern, you may want to consider a belt driven door opener.

Belt Driven Operators

Belt driven openers are largely considered the best bang for your buck operator. They offer reliability that is comparable to the chain driven operators, but are much quieter during operation. The cost of a belt driven operator is slightly higher. However, they are not substantially more expensive given the improved performance.

Screw Driven Operators

Screw driven openers are probably the least popular form of door opener. They run on a steel rod instead of a chain or a belt. If you’re in an area where the weather varies greatly by season, these operators are not recommended. The steel doesn’t handle the weather as well as the chain or belt driven openers. Additionally, these openers tend to be the loudest of the four operator types. However, these are the most affordable of all the opener types and offer value to those looking for a budget door opener, especially if you live in a stable climate. As for a Newark garage door openers, we wouldn’t recommend this one.

Jackshaft Driven Operators

Jackshaft operators sit on the side of a wall next to your door instead of on the ceiling. These openers are a great option if you need extra clearance in your garage. However, these openers are the most expensive.

Expert Garage Door Opener Repair

No matter what type of garage door opener you have, our highly trained door technicians can install or repair it. We also offer emergency garage door repair services. If your opener goes out over the weekend, we know you can’t always wait until Monday to get it fixed. Call (740) 444-DOOR (3667) for immediate assistance. Remember, garage door work can be dangerous if you don’t have the proper training. Contact us and get your door fixed safely, the right way. Contact us for all of your Newark garage door opener repairs and installations.

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